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Substance Use: Pregnancy, Smoking / Vaping

Using Tobacco or Vaping Products After Pregnancy

Many women make healthy changes to their lives during pregnancy. This includes eating more healthy food, not drinking alcohol, and not smoking or vaping.

After your baby arrives, you may find it harder to stay away from smoking or vaping:

  • if you only quit for a short time during your pregnancy
  • if you go to certain places, are with people, or are around things that remind you of smoking or vaping (especially if you stopped doing these things during your pregnancy)
  • if you find it stressful caring for your baby and the changes that come with having a baby
  • if you feel you should get a reward for staying away from tobacco or vaping products while you were pregnant

What you can do instead

Take a moment to list all the things that make you want to use tobacco or vaping products. This may include certain people, places, or activities.

List other things you could do instead. Also think of a reward to give yourself if you don’t use or put your family in contact with harmful smoke or vapour.

Please note that “tobacco” on this page does not include tobacco that is used for traditional and sacred reasons.

Current as of: August 29, 2019

Author: Tobacco Reduction Program, Alberta Health Services