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How can Comfort Rounds help?

​​​​​​Comfort Rounds (also called intentional rounding) are a way staff in hospitals or care homes can offer supportive care at regular times during the day and evening. It means staff check in often, which helps reassure the person that they aren’t alone.

During rounds, staff talk to the person to help keep them aware of what’s going on around them and assess for any signs of delirium.

Staff check to see if the person is in pain. They’ll also help them to the bathroom, offer a drink, and take them for a walk if the person is able. Staff will make sure items such as water and the call bell are close by before they leave.

You can help by talking to the person about their memories, interests, and everyday events.

If staff say it’s okay, you can offer to go for a walk with the person and help make sure they’re eating well and drinking enough fluids. Before you leave, please make sure items like water and the call bell are close by.

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Current as of: November 21, 2018

Author: Senior’s Health Strategic Clinical Network, Alberta Health Services