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Substance Use: Pregnancy and Quitting Smoking

Telling Others

​​​​​​Deciding to quit smoking can be scary, especially if your friends and family smoke. Quitting doesn’t mean you are giving up time for yourself or time you would spend with your friends and family who smoke, but it may mean that you’ll need to change the way you connect with them.

If your partner smokes, he or she can still support you. If your partner is willing, ask him or her to quit smoking with you. Quitting can be easier if you support each other. If your partner won’t quit, but is okay with you quitting, ask him or her to smoke outside, in areas away from the intake vents, windows, and away from you and the baby.

If your partner becomes upset with you because you want to quit or if you don’t feel safe asking your partner to quit with you, it’s okay not to ask. Your safety is most important. Try to stay away from second-hand smoke wherever possible.

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Current as of: September 5, 2019

Author: Tobacco Reduction Program, Alberta Health Services