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Smart Utility Meters

Do They Affect My Health

​​​​​​​​​​​​What’s a smart meter?

Many utility companies in Alberta are changing from the old meters that someone had to come and read, to wireless smart meters. These new meters send information about water, gas, or electricity use right to the utility company using RF waves.

Most smart meters make a radiofrequency (RF) signal for only 1 minute per day. This amount of RF energy is much lower than the level that’s safe for people to be exposed to.

Should I worry about my health?

There’s no risk to your health according to Health Canada​.

What is RF energy?

RF energy is another name for radio waves, which are made by the movement of electrical charges. Low level RF waves happen in nature and in some man made things.

Smart meters give off low power RF energy. The amount of energy they give off is like:

  • cell and cordless phones
  • wireless routers
  • radio and TV broadcasting
  • pacemakers

Current as of: April 9, 2019

Author: Environmental Public Health, Alberta Health Services