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Grief Support Program

The Grief Support Program offers individual, family and group services.

All new clients attend an appointment with a counsellor to determine which counselling services would be most helpful. Daytimes and limited evening appointments are available.

All counsellors have specialized training and skills in grief and bereavement care. Services are offered in a safe, supportive and healing environment.

All newly registered clients are invited to attend an Education Night information session while waiting to be seen for individual counselling. This Education Night provides attendees with information on grief and loss and an opportunity to hear from our volunteers about their own bereavement experiences. Clients are able to receive support and information but are not asked to participate unless they want to ask questions.

At the time of booking an appointment the receptionist will need information such as:

  • Alberta Health Care number
  • legal name, date of birth, address and phone number
  • type of loss experienced

Grief groups are offered from September to June each year. All group participants need to be pre-registered by their grief counselor prior to attending a group.

Those attending a grief group can expect to meet others who share similar experiences and losses. The groups run 1x / week for Six weeks. The types of groups offered are: Loss of a Partner, Loss of Child, Loss of Sibling, Loss of Parent and there is a Mixed Loss groups to support other types of Losses.

Each group is led by one of the counselors and has 2 - 3 trained volunteers, many who have come through the program themselves. Groups are offered in the afternoons and early evening times.

The program is augmented by donation funding. Tax deductible donations to the Grief Support Program are appreciated.

Referral documentation

Self-referral is required to access this service.
If interested in grief support groups, clients are required to attend individual counselling first.

Key providers

grief counsellors, psychologists, social workers


Enter the postal code to find the locations below that are closest to you
Bob Glasgow Grief Support Centre, Third Floor, 1820 Richmond Road SW SW Calgary, Alberta. 403-955-8011.