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Healthcare 101

Healthcare 101: Co-designed with Albertans, for Albertans

​​Welcome to Healthcare 101!

It’s important for all of us to u​nderstand the healthcare system and take an active role in our health.

This information will help us, as people who live in Alberta, understand our healthcare system. The idea originally came from Albertans, patients, and family members who partner with healthcare providers and want to feel more prepared when deciding to volunteer and work to improve the health system.

By partnering together, citizens of Alberta found 4 topics they needed to learn more about to help them get ready to talk to doctors, other ​healthcare providers, and health researchers:

  • Healthcare Basics for Albertans
  • Finding My Way
  • Being My Own Advocate
  • My Rights
To learn more about Healthcare 101, watch an introductory video​.

Topic 1: Healthcare Basics for Albertans

The first topic we’ll discuss is Healthcare Basics for Albertans. The citizens of Alberta will continue to work together to bring you more information on the other 3 topics.

healthcare basics for albertans 


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