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Next Steps for Living Donation

The Living Donor Program usually assesses only 1 donor at a time. But it’s important to ask all potential donors to contact the program as soon as possible. That’s because not everyone will actually call or continue with the donation process.

If someone you know is interested in becoming a living donor, they need to come forward on their own. Keeping the donor and recipient medical evaluation separate keeps the donor’s information private and makes sure they get the information they need to make a final decision about donation. The potential donors must decide what they want to share with you about their assessment. If at any time the potential donor decides not to donate, the program will not share the reason for the decision (e.g., medical, personal) with anyone.

If someone is interested in helping you by being a living donor, they can contact the Living Donor Program.

There are some resources available (e.g., finances, social support) to support living donors. The Living Donor Program can help people access any other resources that may be available (e.g., employer resources or through the Kidney Foundation of Canada).

For more information, see the Kidney Foundation of Canada website. ​​

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