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Transplant Tourism

What is transplant tourism?

Transplant tourism is when people travel to another country to buy an organ for transplant. These foreign programs may seem attractive. But transplant tourism brings serious risks for donors and recipients.

Donors are often put at risk because they haven’t had the right kind or a full assessment. They don’t always have medical care to follow up after donation.

In Canada, it’s illegal to pay for an organ.

Recipients may not be given all of the information that they need about the donor for a successful transplant. The local team can’t do anything to make sure the transplant is done safely. The local team often doesn’t get the medical records where the transplant happened. Recipients are often sent home from hospital before they are ready. Research shows that recipients have a higher risk for infections, organ failure, cancer, or death.

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In Canada, it’s illegal to buy or sell organs for transplant. It’s actually illegal in almost all countries.

​The transplant team has a strong responsibility to make sure that donors volunteer of their own free will, and they aren’t forced to donate for money.

We strongly encourage you to talk openly with your transplant team before making any decisions to get a transplant elsewhere. ​​​​​​​

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