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Insulin Pump Therapy

Insulin Pumps available in Canada

Insulin pump brands in Canada:

Ask your diabetes centre about pumps; some centres offer classes to review pump brands. No matter what pump you choose, it is important to have the pump about 2 weeks before you start on pump therapy. You need time to become familiar with your pump.

All pumps sold in Canada:

  • have a method to calculate meal boluses and correction insulin
  • program for more than 1 basal profile (e.g., 1 profile for work days and 1 for days off)
  • program for temporary basal rates (e.g., reduce basal insulin delivery for a programmed amount of time if exercising)
  • program for different types of meal boluses (normal or extended over time)
  • have safety features, such as alarms and locks
  • determine and display insulin on board or active insulin ​​​​​​