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Insulin Pump Therapy

Basal Insulin Delivery

What each person needs for basal insulin can be very different from what injected intermediate or long-acting basal insulin provides. The insulin pump, however, can meet individualized basal needs by delivering different amounts of rapid insulin at different times of the day.

The diagram below shows how intermediate or long-acting basal insulin (blue) in one person might act over the day. The red line shows what this person’s body actually needs as basal insulin. The diagram shows times when there is too little or too much action from the MDI injected basal insulin, compared to what this person’s body needs.


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If programmed correctly, the insulin pump can better match the individual basal insulin needs (red line) and reduce the times in the day that there is too much or too little basal insulin working. This could help reduce the number of low and high blood sugar readings.​​​​​​​​​