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Insulin Pump Therapy

Section 4: Healthy Eating on Pump Therapy


In this section, you will learn:

  • everyone with diabetes needs healthy food choices
  • carbohydrate counting is required in insulin pump therapy
  • insulin pump therapy may provide more flexibility with timing of meals

Whether on MDI or an insulin pump, people need to make healthy food choices to promote health, as suggested in Canada’s Food Guide.

Accurate carbohydrate counting, which might include weighing and measuring food, is necessary with both MDI and the insulin pump. The insulin pump will not count the carbohydrate eaten by the adult or child with diabetes.

Healthy eating in insulin pump therapy is different than MDI in the following ways:

  • A bolus of rapid-acting insulin is required with every (or most) carbohydrate containing meals and snacks
  • Meal bolus insulin can be delivered over an extended period of time (square wave or dual wave)
  • If basal rates are set correctly, there is less chance of low or high blood sugars when meals are occasionally delayed or missed. There may be more flexibility in timing of meals.

Knowledge Check

True or false? Missing meals occasionally is less likely to cause low or high blood sugars if basal rates are set correctly on the pump.


The correct answer is TRUE.​​​