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Insulin Pump Therapy

Module Overview

This learning module will:

  • help you decide if insulin pump therapy is right for you or your child
  • briefly introduce you to the Alberta Insulin Pump Therapy Program

Welcome to the insulin pump therapy learning ​module! This module is for people with type 1 diabetes who are interested in insulin pump therapy. Most, but not all of this information also applies to those with type 2 diabetes who are interested in pump therapy. Please review this information with your diabetes team.

In this module, you’ll learn that insulin pump therapy provides a different way for insulin to be delivered. It is not necessarily better than using insulin pens or syringes (multiple daily injections or MDI). However, it may help with lifestyle or blood sugar challenges that some people have while on MDI. It may, or may not, lower A1c values (3 month average blood sugars). People putting the same amount of work into MDI can often get similar results without using an insulin pump.

Pump therapy is not for everyone. It brings its own set of challenges for some people. Our goal is to help you decide if the extra work and possible challenges of insulin pump therapy will help address your or your child’s unique challenges with diabetes. To help you decide, please read all sections of this module, including “A Day in the Life of a Pumper” found under “More Information.”

Near the end of this module we briefly review the Alberta Insulin Pump Therapy (IPT) Program. This program funds the cost of insulin pumps and pump supplies for Alberta residents with type 1 diabetes who qualify for this program. The IPT Program requires you to complete this online learning module or attend an introduction to insulin pump class if you are new to insulin pump therapy. You also need to complete a questionnaire to bring to an approved diabetes team. The questionnaire is included at the end of this module and at classes. For more information, please read the Alberta Insulin Pump Therapy Program section in this module and visit the Alberta IPT Program website.

This learning module is set up by sections:

Section 1: The Key to Blood Sugar Control
Section 2: What is an Insulin Pump?
Section 3: Comparing Injections and Pumps
Section 4: Healthy Eating on Pump Therapy
Section 5: Risk of Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Section 6: Insulin Pump Advantages & Challenges
Section 7: What to Expect when Starting a Pump
Section 8: Choosing an Insulin Pump​
Section 9: The Alberta Insulin Pump Therapy Program
Section 10: More Information