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Insulin Pump Therapy

Challenges of Insulin Pump Therapy

There are some challenges that all pump users will face. Some people are better able to adapt to these challenges. However, some people will stop pump therapy and resume MDI because they find the challenges too great.

Challenges of pump therapy may include:

  • being connected to a pump 24 hours 7 days a week, with few exceptions
  • quick rises in blood sugar if there are infusion set/site problems
  • higher risk of DKA
  • the need to carry a safety kit at all times
  • the type of clothing worn (cannulas and pods shouldn’t be worn under pant waistlines; a pump can be carried in a pocket, a bra, or clipped to a waistline)
  • skin irritations and risk of skin infections
  • significant time and effort to get started on the pump (establishing basal rates, ICR, ISF), maintaining and adjusting all settings on the insulin pump
  • erratic blood sugar readings for several months after starting the insulin pump
  • technical or programming problems, pump malfunction, or pump failure

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True or False? Some people return to MDI because they find the challenges of pump therapy too great.



The correct answer is TRUE.​