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Insulin Pump Therapy

Section 7: What to Expect when Starting a Pump

In this section, you’ll learn that starting insulin pump therapy involves:

  • reviewing some basic diabetes knowledge
  • improving some self-management habits
  • learning new information about using pumps
  • spending a lot of time and effort individualizing your pump settings

This section is limited to what you need to learn and understand when starting pump therapy. Please refer to the section on the “Alberta Insulin Pump Program” to learn how to get funding for an insulin pump.​

Pump therapy will affect your life in many ways. We’ve discussed some of those ways already. However, this important information about what to expect on pump therapy deserves repeating here. We want you to appreciate what is involved before committing you or your child to insulin pump therapy.

People often underestimate the time and effort needed. First, before getting your pump you may need to review some basic diabetes knowledge and improve some self-management habits. These habits are listed under Section 1: The Key to Blood Sugar Control.

After receiving your pump, you need to learn pump specific information. Then you need to fully program your pump to meet your individual needs. This may take up to several months. Expect that your blood sugars will be above target or more unstable during these months. Plan to work closely with staff from your diabetes clinic during this time.​​​