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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management

Planned Activity

What does planned activity mean to you?

Planned activity is exercise or sports. Planned activity is doing activity just for the sake of doing activity. Active living can be doing extra walking while putting away your clean laundry, planned activity could be purposefully marching inside for 5 minutes in a row when it’s too cold to walk outside.

If you live a very active life through your daily activities, you may not need to plan more activities. However, most of us need planned activities to help us meet our active living goals.

Planned activity includes cardio (e.g., walking, cycling, swimming), resistance (muscle strengthening like using resistance bands or doing body weight exercises) and flexibility (e.g., stretching, yoga, Pilates).

Cool Research Tidbit

Dr. Crabtree and colleagues from the University of Aberdeen, scanned the brain after intense exercise to find that exercise may act as a short-term natural appetite suppressant that tricks the brain into finding low-calorie foods like fruit and vegetables more appealing than fries and pizza.

Planned activity doesn’t have to cost a lot with options like resistance bands, mall walking programs, and buying sports equipment. Many public libraries have exercise videos you can check out.

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Something to ask yourself...

If you wish to save the blank form or print your answers, refer to the reflection journal.

Are there any sports or exercises you enjoy and would like to do more of or try again?