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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management

Why Move Everyday

Moving everyday and eating fewer calories is the most common way to control weight. Being more active can help you burn calories and improve your health.

When you're active, focus on:

  • finding activities you enjoy
  • spending more time being active, less being inactive
  • doing activities that promote overall health and well-being
  • maintaining your muscle mass

Being more active is good for you—not using very much energy during your waking time (being sedentary) isn’t.

Common sedentary behaviours are things like driving a vehicle, reading, and too much screen time (like watching TV, playing video games, or spending a lot of time on the computer).

Breaking up your sitting time by getting up to re-fill your water bottle once every hour will help give you a physical and a mental break. When watching a show in the evening some people like to get up and walk on commercial breaks to move their body.

All walking is discovery. On foot we take the time to see things whole.Hal Borland

Something to ask yourself...

If you wish to save the blank form or print your answers, refer to the reflection journal.

What parts of your day would you like to make more active?