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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management


Sleep is the best meditation. Dalai Lama

Come back to this self-learning module to go over the information and maybe try new ways of doing things. There’s a lot to learn and remember! Everyone needs support to help them stay on track and their monitor progress. You don’t need to do this alone. Find supports around you that can help you with your choices.

  • Talk to your family doctor about this self-learning module and your health choices.
  • Use the Alberta Health Services online and face-to face-services
  • Keep trying new ways until you get the results you want.
  • Look for other supports, education, and information.
  • You can choose to share your decision with friends, family, people you work with, or even social media if you feel that they can be a source of encouragement for you. You may end up helping them by becoming their inspiration and/or support.

There are times where you may need more support to deal with your concerns. If you’ve tried to improve your sleep habits, and you feel you’re not getting enough quality sleep, talk to your healthcare provider.

Check the resource section for more information about sleep.