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What Affects Sleep

What could make my sleep worse?

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Your biological clock (circadian rhythm) affects your body’s 24-hour sleep/wake cycle. Medicine and things such as caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine can affect your sleep and interfere with your biological clock. This causes your body to spend less time in the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage. Learn more about sleep stages.

Sometimes you can get in a cycle where it becomes harder to get a good night’s sleep. Medical conditions and sleep disorders can affect your sleep. Noise around you, such as traffic or music can interrupt your sleep or make it harder to sleep. Also, pressure at work, day-to-day demands, stress, night-time routine, and working shift work can all make it harder to get a good sleep.

Using an electronic device in the hour before you go to bed can affect your sleep. About 95% of people use some type of electronic device in the hour before going to bed at least a few times per week.

Being exposed to too much light too close to bed time can affect the quality of your sleep. Using computers, tablets, smart phones, and LCD TVs activate receptors in our eyes to suppress the release of hormones that promote sleep. Because electronic devices are so bright, using them close to bedtime may keep us awake longer.

Are your electronic devices affecting what time you go to bed? Do you lose track of time playing games, searching the web, or reading blogs and end up going to bed much later than you planned?

Something to think about...

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Check the statements that you relate to.

What do you think might be affecting or interrupting your sleep?