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Changes After a Brain Injury

Headaches after a Brain Injury

It’s important to find out the type of headache pain, where it is, and how often the he has it before treating it. It’s normal to have headaches after a bad head injury because of the injury itself.

Headaches can also happen after a brain injury after the first healing has taken place. There are many reasons for these headaches:

  • a change in the brain caused by the injury, or neck and skull injuries aren’t fully healed
  • tension and stress
  • fatigue
  • side effects of medicine

Make sure the brain injury team is told if he’s having headaches. If you can, also tell them how often, what you think the triggers may be, and if anything (like taking a pain medicine) helps relieve them. For an example of a headache diary that can be used, go to Headache Diary (PDF).

For more information on headaches after brain injury, go to Headaches After Traumatic Brain Injury.​

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