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Life After Brain Injury

Leaving the Hospital

Getting Ready for a Successful Discharge

No one may know the exact date early on. You and your team will know more as you recover. Your therapists will assess your progress while you are in therapy.

Your nurses, therapists, and doctors will start talking about your discharge almost from the day you arrive. That is because everything we do is to get you ready to return to your life before your injury.

You may go home, or to another site for more rehab, or you may stay in the hospital until you can be moved to long-term care.

Wherever you end up, your rehabilitation team makes sure you and your family know what has to be done so that you can keep working toward your goals after your discharge.

For many of you, your rehab will continue as an outpatient. How often and how long your outpatient rehab is will depend on many things (like where you are in your recovery to date and your needs).

  • Will you feel 100% ready when it is time to go? Maybe not.
  • Will you have some worries and self-doubt? Probably.
  • Will it be hard giving up the security of a call bell and medical team on hand? Maybe.
  • Will there be some inconveniences? Very likely.
  • Will your family feel somewhat uncertain about how all of you will cope once you leave the hospital? Maybe.

To help you plan for a successful discharge, it is a good idea to print this Discharge Checklist.​

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