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Recovery and Rehabilitation

The Rancho Los Amigo Scale: Level 7

Level 7: Automatic – appropriate

Minimal Assistance

By this time he may “seem” normal at first glance.

  • Can do everyday tasks with little or no confusion.
  • Very aware of staff, family, and surroundings.
  • Knows that he has a brain injury but may not know the details.
  • Can learn, but not as fast as he did before the injury.
  • Memory has improved there are still gaps.
  • Judgment, problem-solving, and planning are still poor so he still needs some supervision. He has limited insight into these issues. If interested in an activity, he may do it without someone suggesting it.
  • Can do his own self-care (like brush his teeth and wash himself).

How you can help: Level 7

  • Talk about things in the home that could be dangerous and have him tell you what he has to do to stay safe.
  • Encourage him to write in his journal every day, or use an electronic reminder such as a phone.
  • Make sure that your words and body language match.
  • Support him as needed when he’s making decisions.
  • Be patient and be creative. He may still be slow to answer questions, start conversations, or start an activity.
  • Help him think of other things to do. He may seem to be unmotivated or “lazy” because he can’t think of anything to do but watch television.
  • Encourage him to continue with therapy or get counselling as needed.​

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