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Recovery and Rehabilitation

The Rancho Los Amigo Scale: Level 8

Level 8: Purposeful – ​appropriate

Stand-by Assistance

Unless they knew him before the injury, others often don’t notice any issues he may still have as a result of the injury.

  • His memory for past information is good, while memory for recent events and new learning may still seem foggy or fuzzy.
  • Is able to learn new information, although not as much or as fast as before the accident.
  • Can follow routines with your help as needed and make changes with little help.
  • Likely has less ability to reason, tolerate stress, or use good judgment in emergencies or unusual situations.
  • Often social, emotional, and intellectual abilities are still less than before the injury, but are good enough to function in most social situations.

How you can help: Level 8

  • Encourage him to be involved in the home, school, or job within his thinking and physical limits. Help him pace himself.
  • Help to manage the medicine he takes (this may mean just supervising). The goal is to help him be as independent but as safe as possible.
  • Measure improvement starting from the time of brain injury, not how he used to be.
  • Learn to appreciate this “new” person; one who is likely different in many ways since the injury. For example, you may notice changes in his personality and behaviour as well his likes and dislikes.

Remember that he still needs your support, affection, and companionship.​​

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