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Recovery and Rehabilitation

The Rancho Los Amigo Scale: Level 9 and 10

Level 9: Purposeful – appropriate

Stand-by Assistance on Request

By this stage he should be able to recall past and recent events and connect them.

  • Can re-learn higher level tasks like driving and job training.
  • Can carry out routines on his own, but may ask for help if he’s not sure how to do it.

Level 10: Purposeful – appropriate

Modified Assistance

By now he should be able to finish activities on his own, even though he may need more time.

  • Is able to set his personal and work goals.
  • Can monitor himself in social situations.
  • Can acknowledge other people’s needs and feelings.

Although he may seem back to normal, he may feel depressed once in a while. Living with a brain injury is a life-long process and he’ll need support from his family and friends just like anyone else.

How you can help: Levels 9 and 10

  • Keep offering emotional support and encouragement.
  • Let him make her own choices; however, be ready to help if asked or when needed.
  • Be patient and tactful.

It’s a delicate balance to encourage the person to be independent but still be there for support when he’s dealing with the world. Congratulate yourself whenever you’re successful!​​​

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