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After Your Miscarriage

At the time of your miscarriage

Your response to your miscarriage is unique to you. Everyone reacts differently. You may feel flooded with emotion, feel numb or in shock, or somewhere in between. It can take time to understand what’s happening and how you feel.

Your healthcare team can help you access resources you need, get help, and answer any questions you may have. Your physical and emotional health is important. Getting all the information you need can help. There are no right or wrong questions or decisions at this time. The information on these pages may not be help everyone right away. It’s possible that you may develop feelings of loss later. It’s never too late to explore your grief, get help, or find ways to remember your baby.

You and your partner may want to find a personal way to honour your baby. Decisions may be difficult to make right now and it’s important to take your time.

Let your healthcare provider know if you’d like to talk to a social worker, spiritual care staff, or an Indigenous liaison worker. You may also wish to see a leader from your cultural or spiritual community. A spiritual care staff member can help arrange for any practices, rituals, or connections with community leaders you may need or want. You or your family members may find it helpful to visit a sacred space, chapel, or prayer room.

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