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After Your Stillbirth

Losing a Twin or Multiples

Being pregnant with more than one baby can be special and exciting. Once you knew that you’re pregnant with 2 or more babies, you may have found that you formed strong bonds with each of them. Your thoughts may have been about how the siblings will be together as they grow up. Feelings about the loss of a twin or multiples pregnancy are unique, as you are potentially grieving for more than one baby.

It’s not unusual to have mixed emotions if you are experience the loss of 1 twin or multiple, and 1 or more babies survives. Feelings could include happiness about the surviving baby as well as grief over the loss of 1 or more babies. This is normal. It’s also normal to be anxious about the surviving babies especially if there are any health concerns with them.

Your feelings may go back and forth between being happy about the baby who has lived and very sad about losing one or more babies. Each milestone your baby reaches can be a reminder of you of the loss of your other baby. Talk about these mixed feelings with your partner and your healthcare provider. Many communities have support groups for this type of loss. You may want to connect with one or get some counselling support.

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