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After Your Stilbirth

Funerals and Memorial Services

You may wish to have a memorial or funeral for your baby or take part in a group memorial service if this is available.

Funerals are typically a service at which the body is present. You decide on the format and location of the ceremony and who you want to invite to attend. Memorial services don’t need a body to be present. Some hospitals or programs offer memorial services for families experiencing a loss. You and your partner, as well as your family, may wish to say goodbye with a service, while you have support around you. You may also choose your own private, small gathering at the right time for you. It’s up to you as to what feels comfortable and meaningful to recognize the loss of your baby.

Choices or considerations after the loss of your baby:

  • Make private arrangements with a funeral service provider of your choice – decide if it will be a funeral or memorial service and the location.
  • burial or cremation
  • preferred ways to recognize your baby’s life
  • who you would like to attend the service
  • what poems, readings, and music do you want to include at a service

Services can be held at a variety of locations and can be held at a time that is best for the family.

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