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After Your Stillbirth

Other Ways to Remember


Recognition of Life

You may decide not to have a formal ceremony and choose a private recognition of your baby’s life. This might be with just you and your partner or you may include family. This recognition can be offered in whatever way you decide is meaningful to you. Many people feel it’s important to find ways for you and your family to create memories with keepsakes and your own special family remembrances.


Writing an obituary is another way of honouring the life and death of your baby. It could be long or short, detailed or simple. It can also include personal poems or a message if you wish.


Family Rituals

Families may remember their baby by:

  • planting a tree
  • creating, building, or buying a symbolic item
  • selecting a special holiday arrangement
  • choosing a tattoo
  • writing a poem
  • release a balloon(s) at a special ceremony
Do something meaningful to you to recognize the loss of your baby, no matter how simple or unique it might seem.

Service of Remembrance

In many communities in Alberta hospitals hold a Service of Remembrance once a year. If you’d like more information and to find out if this is available in your community, ask your healthcare provider or public health nurse.

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