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After Your Stillbirth

When Considering Another Pregnancy

There is no recommended amount of time to wait before becoming pregnant again that will work for everyone. Talk to your healthcare provider about the factors that are important for you to think about. You may want to ask about birth control options before you begin having sex again.

Some parents want to become pregnant again right away. Others feel they need more time before considering another baby. Healing physically is often faster than emotional healing. It’s important to consider this and give yourself enough time to heal both physically and emotionally before you try to become pregnant again. Give yourself the time you need and resist rushing to replace your loss with a new baby.

Other emotions may come up when you and your partner become pregnant again. You may feel worried or anxious during the pregnancy because of the loss you had. This can last until even after your child is born. If you do feel this way it may help to talk with a grief counsellor and your doctor about your concerns.

You may want to try and learn about why your baby died and if there is something you need to know when planning another pregnancy. Keep in mind that in about 1 in 4 cases no cause could be found as to why a baby died.

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