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Childhood Immunizations

​​What immunizations does my child need?

  • ​​Immunizations protect against disease (give immunity) or make a disease less severe if children get it. Every province and territory recommends a slightly different immunization schedule. To learn more about immunizations and the routine immunization schedule in Alberta, go to Immunize Alberta.
  • If your baby was premature, follow the same schedule for immunizations as a full term baby.
  • ​Although your child will not need to restart the series if a scheduled dose is missed, book the immunization as soon as you can.

Immunization Safety

  • If your child is sick (e.g., cough, cold) or taking medicine, they can usually still be immunized. If you have questions about this, call Health Link at 811. Your child’s doctor or public health nurse will also be able to tell you if you need to delay an immunization.
  • Immunization is safe. It is much safer to get immunized than to get the diseases. For more information about vaccine safety, go to

Keeping Good Records

  • It’s important to keep good records of immunizations. Always ask for a record when your child has been immunized. Keep the record in a safe place, and don’t throw it away. It’s important for your child's lifelong medical records. You might need to show these records when your child’s immunization record is being reviewed in school, or if someone in your child’s school or daycare has a vaccine preventable disease. Your child might also need these records later on for university, work, or travel.
  • Know when immunizations are needed and put reminders on your calendar or in your phone.
  • Ask your doctor to review your child's immunization records at appointments.

Current as of: February 5, 2020

Author: Immunization Program, Alberta Health Services