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Knee Replacement Surgery

Equipment Needed After Knee Replacement Surgery

​​​​​​​​​Your healthcare team will tell you about the equipment you will need to protect your knee and reduce the risk of falling after surgery. You should have all of the equipment you need in place 1 to 2 weeks before surgery and begin practicing with it right away. Keep it for about 3 months after surgery.

  • Crutches, cane and walker
  • ​​Reacher
  • Sock aid, elastic shoelaces and long-handled shoehorn
  • Long-handled sponge/brush
  • ​Raised toilet seat
  • Toilet armrests
  • Bathtub seat, shower seat and bathtub transfer bench
  • Removable bathtub grab bar
  • Non-slip bathtub mat
  • Chair with armrests
  • Other equipment as suggested by your healthcare team

These items may be:

  • rented or bought from medical and surgical supply stores, which are listed in the Yellow Pages phone book or online at​ under Home Health Care Equipment and​ Supplies
    Note:To save shopping around, you can buy crutches at the hospital on the day you arrive for surgery, unless you need special crutches for your height or weight.

    You can also rent crutches and a walker from a pharmacy.
  • borrowed from a medical equipment loan program if available in your area
  • borrowed from friends or family as long as the items are in good working order and safe, and are the right type for your height and weight
  • borrowed from the Community Health Unit or Home Care​​

Current as of: November 2, 2015

Author: Alberta Bone and Joint Institute