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Child Health

Febrile Seizures

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It’s not unusual for children to get a fever. A seizure from a fever is also common in children 6 months​ to 6 years old. These don’t usually cause lasting damage to your child.

During a seizure, you’ll see your child’s body jerk or go stiff. They can’t control these movements. Your child won’t be able to hear you or talk during a seizure. Don’t put anything in their mouth, and don’t try to hold them down during a seizure. Keep track of how long the seizure lasts, and if it doesn’t stop after 3 minutes, call 911.

You should see a doctor a doctor right away if your child:

  • is less than 12 months old and has a febrile seizure
  • has a seizure that doesn’t stop after 3 minutes
  • isn’t behaving like normal 20 to 30 minutes after the seizure
  • has more than one seizure in 24 hours
  • has a seizure, but doesn’t have a fever

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Current as of: March 13, 2017

Author: Health Education and Learning Program (HEAL), Alberta Health Services