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Bariatric Surgery

Substance Use

Can I smoke or vape after bariatric surgery?

It’s best not to smoke or vape any substance after surgery. This includes tobacco, tobacco-like products, and cannabis. These products can have a bad effect on your heart and lungs. Smoking after bariatric surgery can also cause stomach ulcers.

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Can I use edible cannabis after bariatric surgery?

There is not enough research to say if using cannabis in foods or drinks is safe. Talk to your healthcare team if you want to use cannabis products after having bariatric surgery.

Can I drink alcohol after bariatric surgery?

You should avoid alcohol right after surgery. This will help your stomach to heal and prevent an interaction with any pain medicines that you may be ​taking. You should also avoid alcohol if you are planning a family, driving or are told by your doctor not to drink.

Bariatric surgery changes how your body handles alcohol. You may feel the effects of alcohol faster, even if you drink less. The effects of alcohol may also last longer. Some people may need to avoid alcohol for the rest of their lives after surgery. Talk to your doctor about having alcohol after bariatric surgery.

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