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Heart Surgery

Day of Surgery

You’ll be admitted to hospital the morning of surgery or at the time your surgeon decides.

  • Don’t drive yourself to the hospital. Make sure you arrange for someone to drive you home when you’re discharged.
  • Check in at the place you were told to go (like Admitting) at the time you were given.

What to Bring to the Hospital

  • Alberta Health card and Alberta Blue Cross or other insurance card
  • Photo identification
  • Proof of medical coverage if you live outside of Alberta
  • Any handouts you were given about your surgery
  • Your incentive spirometer, if you already have one
  • All your medicine (in original containers) including inhalers, aspirin, vitamins, herbal, and over-the-counter medicine

*A list from your pharmacy of the medicine you take would be helpful.*

Bring personal items in one small bag that has your name on it. All personal belongings will be given to your support person to be brought back to you after surgery. After surgery they can also bring other things you might need. Your nurse can give you more information.

Personal care items:

  • hearing aids
  • eyeglasses
  • denture cases
  • walking aids – canes, walkers
  • front-closing bra (women)
  • housecoat and non-slip slippers (that can fit puffy feet)
  • earplugs or headphones
  • a sleeping mask

Don’t bring:

  • anything of value (jewellery, credit cards)
  • more than $20 cash
  • cell phones/tablets
  • electrical appliances
  • computers

The hospital is not responsible for lost items.

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