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Understanding health content

​The Healthwise information is reviewed by a medical review board process. Alberta-specific content is created by Alberta experts and reviewed every 2 years to make sure it's still accurate, evidenced-based, and up to date.

​The MyHealth.Alberta.ca site was created by the Alberta Government and Alberta Health Services to give Albertans one place to go for health information they can trust.

The resources on this site come from: 

  • Alberta clinicians and experts who contribute content on a specific topic   
  • Research-based Canadian content provided by Healthwise®
  • Our team works with health experts across the province to make sure that health information is correct, up to date, and written for Albertans

​MyHealth.Alberta.ca tries to make sure the content is easy to read and understand.

You are always able to print a web page using the print function of your browser.  On many of our content pages you can use our custom print manager to give you more freedom to select what information you want to print.  

To use the MyHealth.Alberta.ca print manager click the "Print this page" in the upper right of your web page.

You can use the Symptom Checker on MyHealth.Alberta.ca or call Health Link at 811 to ask about your symptoms. 

To use the symptom checker:

1) Start by selecting the person that has the symptoms (man, woman, child)

2) Click on the part of the body that's affected (or select one of the other issues on the list below (e.g., skin problems)

3) Select the options that describe your symptoms until the tool gives you information about your possible condition

Please note that MyHealth.Alberta.ca can’t answer questions about symptoms by email.

​Decision Points guide you through important health decisions.  It combines medical information with your personal information to help you make an informed health decision.  You'll find decision point tools throughout the website, along with the information the tool relates to. 

​Interactive tools help you make calculations, conversions, or assessments about your health and well-being.

Examples are:

  • calculating your due date
  • calculating your target heart rate
  • assessing your stress level
  • converting a body temperature
​Patient care handouts help you to take care of yourself or someone else after you’ve seen a healthcare provider, and tell you when to call for help. There are over 2600 topics to choose from. Check back often as new topics are being added all the time. 

​The medication information sheets tell you:

  • ​what the medicine is for
  • what you need to know about it
  • when you should see a doctor

Knowing more about the medicine you take can help you choose between your options when possible.

The test and treatment guides tell you:

  • what your test or treatment is for
  • what to expect during it
  • what to expect after it’s done

Knowing more about tests and treatments beforehand can help you get ready for them and possibly even choose between health treatment options.

​A Learning Module is a tool to help you learn about a certain topic. It may include interactive tools and quizzes to help lead your along a learning journey.
​MyHealth.Alberta.ca offers a way to search for programs and services in your area. You're able to search by topic, type of service, or the facility you're trying to find.

The information on MyHealth.Alberta.ca is evidence-based or based on best medical practice.

It doesn't give you:

  • information about treatments that are experimental, drug trials, or any procedure that isn't standard practice in Alberta
  • in-depth information about complementary or alternative medicines, such as dietary supplements, homeopathy, naturopathy, or aromatherapy
  • a tool to rate your healthcare providers

To report an issue please call eHealth Support Services at:
eHealth Support Services can't answer questions about symptoms.
For a medical emergency, call 911 right away.
For 24/7 nurse advice and general health information, call Health Link at 811.