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Using MyHealth Records
Tools and Settings


Your personal data from health devices such as blood pressure monitors or fitness and wellness gadgets can now be downloaded into your MyHealth Records account. These devices are owned and managed by a third party. Each device provider maintains their own:

  • Privacy Policy
  • User Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions, in addition to the MyHealth Records User Agreement and Privacy policy (to which you have already agreed), govern your use of the devices, connections, and associated software, and can be found on each third party’s website.

To connect your device, open your My Personal Records by clicking "Proceed". The "Connected Devices" tool can be found in Tools and Settings.

Each device must be setup individually and may differ slightly with setup instructions.

Select "Connect" to set up your device and follow the prompts. You will be asked to create an account with your device, or login with an existing account. Select the data you want to transfer and click allow.

Click "Confirm" to connect the selected account. This will connect and share your information from your connected device.

When your device is successfully connected, the message "Connected" will display. To see the uploaded results from your device, check the Journal Entries. The blood pressure measurements can be found in Results and Readings.

To disconnect your device, log into your device account and remove access to MyHealth Records.

The Contacts tool helps you keep track of important contacts.

You can add an entry by clicking the "red button" to edit or delete the information you’ve entered, click on the item in the table.

You have the ability to print any and all sections of your personal health record by creating a PDF report of your information in MyHealth Records. This allows you to provide a copy to your health care provider or people you trust. You should only share information from your health record with people you trust. It is your decision whether to share information from your health re​cords. Please note that a footer will display at the bottom of the screen for your reference to the Terms and Conditions, Accessibility and Privacy statements.

Your Profile contains a short bio which includes your name, date of birth and sex. You are free to upload an image to personalize your health record by clicking the "Upload Picture" button . You can also access the history of your record and export your record to a PDF document.

The Appointments tool can help you track your past and upcoming appointments. You can add an entry by clicking on the "red button" . To edit or delete the information you’ve entered, click on the item in the table.

Everybody has different health and wellness needs. Use the Settings and Preferences tool to customize MyHealth Records to meet your needs.

The Target Ranges section lets you reset standard target ranges or set personal target ranges for charts, graphs, and other tools.

The Preferred Units section lets you choose units of measurement for MyHealth Records.

"Pre-set time ranges" lets you set ranges for time periods during the day used by some MyHealth Records health tools such as Blood Sugars and Insulin Use. You can add a target time entry by clicking on the "red button" .

You may adjust your target range for Blood Oxygen and Blood Pressure in Tools and Settings. Click the edit button and enter the appropriate low/high values. These can be edited at any time or you can click reset to return to default settings.


Your personal health record can be shared with someone you trust. You control the kind of information you share and what the person you share with can do with your information. Some information in your personal health record might be sensitive. Before you share your record: think about what you want the other person to see and what type of information you are comfortable sharing with them.

How do I share My Personal Records with another person?

  1. Go to the Account Dashboard, Proceed to My Personal Records.
  2. Select the Share My Record tool on your Home page, on the Tools and Settings page or from your Profile icon in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Click the ‘Share health information with someone you trust’ blue button.

  4. Enter the email address of the person (i.e. Recipient) you are sharing your record with. You will need to do this twice to confirm the address is correct.
  5. Enter a passcode. The person you are sharing your record with needs to enter this passcode when they accept your invitation.
  6. Choose a sharing level. The sharing level describes how much access you are giving to the person you are sharing your record with.

  7. Choose the types of information in My Personal Records that you would like to share with the person.
  8. Choose an access expiration date. On this date, the person’s access to your record ends, and they can no longer see your record. You can also choose no expiration date.
  9. Click Send Invitation.

It is possible that the person you are sharing your record with could discuss or show your information with or to another person. It is important to only share access to your record with someone you trust.

What should I know about passcodes?

When you send someone (the Recipient) an invitation to view your record, you need to enter a passcode. Choose a passcode between 6 to 10 characters. You can use numbers and uppercase or lowercase letters. Do not use special characters such as #, %, or punctuation.

The person you are sharing your record with needs to enter the passcode to accept your invitation. To keep your invitation secure, do not email the passcode and do not share the passcode with other people. Share your passcode with the Recipient in another way, such as a phone call. If you forget the passcode, you need to resend your invitation with a new passcode.

What levels of access (Sharing Level) can I choose when sharing my record with someone?

  • View Only: The person you share your record with can see the information you choose to share with them.
  • View and Update: The person you share your record with can read, add, or delete some of the information in your record, depending on what you share with them. Please note that they are not able to add, update or delete Clinical Based Information provided by Netcare, etc.

Only choose the level of access you feel comfortable sharing. You can change someone's level of access or delete their access to your record at any time.

Information Types

There are four types of information you can share (Health Summary, Journal Entries, Results & Readings and Tools & Settings). You can choose to share all of the information within a type or select specific information within the type.

How do I share My Personal Records with more than one person?

You need to send separate invitations to each person that you would like to share your record with.

Only share access to your health information with someone you trust.​

The Upload Files tool lets you upload files from your computer and save them to MyHealth Records. Click on the "red button" and click “Choose File” to find the file you want to upload. You can also add notes about the file. Click "Save" when you see your file in the File Name Box.

View, edit, or delete uploaded files by clicking on the document name and making the desired changes.

To report an issue please call eHealth Support Services at:
eHealth Support Services can't answer questions about symptoms.
For a medical emergency, call 911 right away.
For 24/7 nurse advice and general health information, call Health Link at 811.