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Managing your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account
Deactivating account features


There are 2 steps you should take to deactivate your personal health record:
1)Download a copy of the information stored in your PHR. (create a PDF)
2)Deactivate the personal health record feature.

Deactivating your personal health record will result in:
1) Losing access to any information you have stored there.
2) Unlinking your PHR from Alberta Netcare.​


See "Saving your health information​".


You can deactivate the Connect to Alberta Netcare feature or you can temporarily suspend the transfer of information from Netcare into your PHR.  If you deactivate the feature, all of the data coming from Netcare will stop.  

You can also stop the transfer of information by unchecking the box beside the name of the information type (i.e.  Prescription Fill History)​

You can stop health information from Alberta Netcare from downloading into your personal health record.  If you decide to start downloads again you will receive a bulk download of all records since you stopped not exceeding the maximum default for that particular data type.  For prescription fill history, the default download is the last 3 months of information. 

For example, if you stopped your downloads 6 months ago and restart now, you will receive the maximum of 3 months only.

To report an issue please call eHealth Support Services at:
eHealth Support Services can't answer questions about symptoms.
For a medical emergency, call 911 right away.
For 24/7 nurse advice and general health information, call Health Link at 811.