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Managing your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account

To manage your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account information, click on the down arrow beside your name (top, right-hand corner of the screen) and click "Manage My Account".

To manage your account settings, click Account Settings.  You can edit your personal information, email address and close your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account.

Please note that once you've verified your identity, you won't be able to change your personal information.​
​Your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account allows you to access additional features if you choose to activate them.  The personal health record (PHR) feature allows you to set up your own personal health record. The Connect to Alberta Netcare feature allows you to see the personal health information contained in the Government of Alberta's electronic health record Netcare. Alberta Netcare has information (like your prescription history) that you can transfer into your personal health record.
This feature lets you connect to Alberta Netcare (the Government of Alberta's electronic health record) so you can transfer a copy of your prescription fill history into your personal health record. To ensure only you can access your private health information, this feature requires that you are identity verified.

More information is available in the Connect to Alberta Netcare guide​​.

Your personal health record (PHR) is a safe place to keep track of your health information. You control the information you store there, decide if you want to share it, and with whom. You can access your PHR from any computer connected to the Internet.

The PHR includes widgets that let you store information like your blood pressure, weight and height, heart rate, immunizations, medications, and much more.

Your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account provides additional functionality you can use when you activate an account feature. Your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account currently has 2 features - the Personal Health Record and Connect to Alberta Netcare. More features will be added over time.​

Each feature may have requirements or prerequisites for activation.  For example, if you wish to activate your Connect to Alberta Netcare feature you will be required to activate your personal health record and verify your identity.​

To activate your personal health record (PHR) go to your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account management pages and click the Account Features tab.  An active feature will have a green box with a check mark to the left of it. Features that aren't active will have an empty box.

Click Activate and follow the instructions and prompts.

Activating the PHR requires that you create a HealthVault account and authorize the PHR "app" to be able to access the HealthVault account.

For further information, download the PHR activation guide​.


A MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault account is created when you activate the personal health record feature of your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account. Each person who uses MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault must have their own account.

A MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault record stores health information for 1 person. An account can hold records for many people. Each record can be managed separately from other records.​

​When you activate your MyHealth.Alberta.ca personal health record (PHR) you'll also create a MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault account. MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault is a secure data storage feature used to keep all your health information.  Information you enter into your PHR, information from a medical device, or information from another data source can all go into your MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault account. 

Your MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault account is yours, so only you decide who can see, use, add, and share info, and which health apps have access to it.

MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault won't share your health information to any other app or service without your permission.

​The Connect to Alberta Netcare feature allows you to have a copy of your prescription fill history from Alberta Netcare transfered into your personal health record. To make sure your information is always secure and private you'll have to verify your identity​ before you can use this feature.​


Alberta Netcare is the Government of Alberta's provincial electronic health record. It's used to store your health information, like diagnostic imaging, prescription history information, lab results, and other information. The information is entered by Alberta pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, labs, imaging facilities, and specialists.

A feature of your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account is the ability to link to Alberta Netcare and transfer information stored there (prescription history information) into your personal health record.

The identity verification process begins with your MyAlberta Digital ID.  Follow the instruction for verification which are available to you on their website.

Once verified with MyAlberta Digital ID we will receive the updated information the next time you sign into your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account.  The system will walk you through the completion of this process.​

When you link your personal health record to Alberta Netcare, you will receive a download of your prescription fill history.  

When you complete identity verification of your MyAlberta Digital ID and you log into your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account, you want to link your personal health record to Alberta Netcare to receive your prescription fill history.

If you select yes, you will be asked to provide your personal health number, and a search will be initiated to match your verified identity with your health records in Netcare.

Once your record is found you can link it to your personal health record.  When complete the last 3 months of prescription fill history will appear in the medication widget in your personal health record.

If for some reason, you need to change the record receiving the information from Alberta Netcare, you can do so by clicking on the Manage Linked Records tab of your account pages.  This tab appears after you have completed linking your personal health record to Alberta Netcare.

Please Note:  You can have more than one record in your personal health record.  You may set up a record for a child for example.  When linking a record to Alberta Netcare keep in mind that is it the verified identities record and the name of the record you link to will have the name overwritten with the name of the verified identity.​


There are 2 steps you should take to deactivate your personal health record:
1)Download a copy of the information stored in your PHR. (create a PDF)
2)Deactivate the personal health record feature.

Deactivating your personal health record will result in:
1) Losing access to any information you have stored there.
2) Unlinking your PHR from Alberta Netcare.​


See "Saving your health information​".


You can deactivate the Connect to Alberta Netcare feature or you can temporarily suspend the transfer of information from Netcare into your PHR.  If you deactivate the feature, all of the data coming from Netcare will stop.  

You can also stop the transfer of information by unchecking the box beside the name of the information type (i.e.  Prescription Fill History)​

You can stop health information from Alberta Netcare from downloading into your personal health record.  If you decide to start downloads again you will receive a bulk download of all records since you stopped not exceeding the maximum default for that particular data type.  For prescription fill history, the default download is the last 3 months of information. 

For example, if you stopped your downloads 6 months ago and restart now, you will receive the maximum of 3 months only.

​You can close your MyHealth.Alberta.ca  account at any time. Before you do that it's a good idea to do these 2 steps first: 1) Create a PDF report (Tools > Download My Health Information) of any health information you've stored in your personal health record for future reference, and 2) Close your MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault account before you close your MyHealth.Alberta.ca account.

If you've created a personal health record you'll lose access to any information you've stored there if you close your MyHealth.Alberta.ca  account. You can save a copy of this information by creating and downloading a PDF report.

To create the PDF, go to your personal health record, click "PHR Tools & Settings", then click on "Tools".  The first widget on the page is "Download My Health Information".

Select what information and in what format you want the information in the report and click "Create Report".​

​Your MyHealth.Alberta.ca HealthVault account will stay active even if you don't use it. If you find that you don't plan to use your account anymore, it's a good idea to close it.

To report an issue please call eHealth Support Services at:
eHealth Support Services can't answer questions about symptoms.
For a medical emergency, call 911 right away.
For 24/7 nurse advice and general health information, call Health Link at 811.