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Youth Addiction and Mental Health

Psychosis Awareness

Our brain can play tricks on us. Sometimes these can be serious.

What is Pyschosis?

Psychosis is a medical condition where a person's brain isn't working properly. This makes it hard to tell what’s real and what’s not real:

  • How the person sees or perceives things changes, making things that aren’t real seem real.
  • It may include seeing, hearing, feeling smelling, or tasting things that aren’t really there
  • Thinking becomes mixed up and the person starts to have thoughts and ideas that just aren’t realistic. There may be a false belief in something that’s impossible or unbelievably strange.
  • Feelings and emotions towards self, others, or the world in general change or become exaggerated. The person may feel that someone’s out to hurt them, when it’s not true.
  • The change in reality may make the person begin to feel panicked, afraid, and anxious.

If you’re worried about some experiences you've been having, take a few minutes to check out Psychosis: What to Look For if something is going on.​​

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