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Yellow fever vaccine

Learn about the yellow fever vaccine.

Disease it protects from

Yellow fever is a serious viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes. It occurs mostly in Africa and South America. Although there is no specific treatment for yellow fever, most cases are mild, and those affected recover within a few days.

More severe cases of yellow fever may lead to serious bleeding, failure of the heart, liver, or kidneys, and death.

Who should get this vaccine

The yellow fever vaccine and proof of immunization is currently required for travellers who plan to visit or pass through certain countries in South America and Africa where the disease is active.

Get the vaccine

To find out if you should get this vaccine, contact a travel health clinic in your area or a pharmacist or doctor that provides travel vaccines.

In Alberta, yellow fever vaccine is not offered for free. You can check if your health insurance plan covers the cost.

For more detailed information, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Current as of: June 30, 2023
Author: Provincial Immunization Program, Alberta Health Services
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