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Pediatric Rehabilitation


Alberta Health Services (AHS) programs and services​

Addiction and Mental Health 

Find programs and services, resources and tools, important numbers, and quick references to related websites and other support organizations.

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program 

Permanent hearing loss is one of the most common conditions found in newborns. Hearing screening is quick, safe, and won’t hurt your baby. Have your baby’s hearing screened as early as possible.

Healthy Parents Healthy Children​ 

This partner website is your place to go for current, reliable information based on today’s best knowledge, evidence, and practices. You’ll also find information on pregnancy and parenting.

The Early Years
Created by Healthy Parents Healthy Children, this booklet can be downloaded or printed to help you in the early years of parenting. You’ll find suggestions for everyday care and activities. It will take you from the early stages of looking after your new baby, to the thrill of first steps and words, all the way to their first days of school.

Healthier Together Schools 

Learn about comprehensive school health in Alberta. Take action on student wellness and find support from AHS school health programs. Get the latest school health news and resources.

Nutrition Services  

Nutrition Services dietitians provide nutrition counselling and expertise to help Albertans of all ages enjoy good health, prevent and manage chronic diseases, and recover from illness and surgery.

Pediatric Eating, Feeding, and Swallowing (PEAS)​ 

A pediatric feeding disorder may occur in infants and children at any age. Families often experience stress and anxiety about their child’s eating and feeding. This resource guides parents, caregivers, and providers to better understand, identify, and support areas of concern.

Physiotherapy Services

Learn about physiotherapy services for children and adults with specific physical concerns. These services can help improve function, better understand their condition, and learn what they can do to be healthy and independent.

Well on Your Way 

Helping youth transition to adult healthcare, Well on Your Way is for youth, young adults, their parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers.​​​​


Alberta Family Wellness Initiative 

The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) supports research and shares knowledge about the science of brain development to support positive lifelong health outcomes for everyone.​​​​

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