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Preschool Speech and Language Services - Edmonton Zone

Services include:

  • support for speech and language development
  • education and information for parents or caregivers
  • assessment and referral to other services


Eligibility requirements are;

  • children aged 0 to 5 years 11 months who are not in Kindergarten
  • children who are not currently receiving Program Unit Funding
  • children who are English Language Learners and have concerns in the first language

How to access service

See below

Parents and legal guardians can self-refer by calling Preschool Speech and Language Central Access. Appointment required.

Key providers

speech-language pathologists (SLPs), speech-language pathologist assistants (SLPAs)


Enter the postal code to find the locations below that are closest to you
Edmonton, Alberta. 780-408-8793 (Preschool Speech and Language Central Access).