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Frequently Asked Questions

​MyHealth.Alberta.ca general information

How is MyHealth.Alberta.ca different from other health information websites?
MyHealth.Alberta.ca is a trusted health information website for Albertans. All of our content comes from our contracted knowledgebase provider and clinicians and healthcare professionals in Alberta. Our experts make sure the information is correct, up to date, and written for Albertans. The site was built by the Alberta Government and Alberta Health Services.

How do I search for information on MyHealth.Alberta.ca?
To search for the information you want on MyHealth.Alberta.ca:

  • use the search feature at the top of the page
  • use fewer words in your search to get more results (put “smoking” instead of “quit smoking”)
  • browse the Health A-Z list
  • check the Healthy Living page for information on staying healthy and preventing disease

Where can I send feedback about MyHealth.Alberta.ca?
Your comments and ideas can help make MyHealth.Alberta.ca better. Please email your feedback to feedback@myhealth.alberta.ca.

How can I update a service listing on MyHealth.Alberta.ca?
If you have an update to a program or service listed on MyHealth.Alberta.ca, please email InformAlberta. This province-wide service directory is the source of all program and service information on MyHealth.Alberta.ca.

Can I submit content to MyHealth.Alberta.ca, or will you link to my article, website, or blog?
All of our content comes from our contracted knowledgebase provider and clinicians and healthcare professionals in Alberta. We’re unable to accept content from other sources.


Where can I find information about COVID-19?
Go to COVID-19: What you need to know to learn more about COVID-19. There you can find out about topics such as:

  • COVID-19 vaccines
  • how to manage your symptoms
  • wearing a mask to stop the spread
  • how to book a test (COVID-19 self-assessment)

For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 in Alberta, visit Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.

COVID-19 Proof of immunizations

What proof can I get of COVID-19 immunizations from MyHealth Records?
You can print your COVID-19 immunization record with QR code that has been reported to Alberta Health from your MyHealth Records account in a few simple steps.

What counts as proof of immunization?
A print out of your COVID-19 immunization record with QR code from MyHealth Records or a copy of your paper immunization record counts as proof.

What personal health information appears on my report?
You may need to show proof of immunization status and ID if accessing businesses, facilities, services, events and travelling. You can show a paper or digital copy of your immunization status. You should plan ahead for busy events by saving a copy on your phone or printing it out.

What personal health information appears on my report?
Your name, Birthdate, Gender, Date Administered, Vaccine Name, Description and source.

Immunization report on the mobile app. Does this new functionality require a version upgrade?
It is best to check your specific app store to see if a new version exists and ensure you have the latest version.

When I click on the blue print button, it does not display or print a report.
Check your specific app store for updates to the app. Please visit the help center for more information.

Symptoms and medicines

What if I have questions about my symptoms or need health advice?
MyHealth.Alberta.ca is a general health information website. We do not give health advice for specific conditions. If you’re in Alberta and need health advice, please call Health Link at 811 to speak to a registered nurse.

If you’re having a medical emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department right away.

How can I learn more about medicines?
For information about medicines, side effects, and how some medicines may react with each other, you can:

Health and medical records

How do I get a copy of my immunization records?
To get records of immunizations you’ve had through Alberta Health Services, contact the Immunization Records Request department for your zone.

How do I get my medical records?
To get a copy of your medical records from your doctor, contact your doctor’s office. For your health records for services or procedures you’ve had at an Alberta Health Services facility or clinic, contact AHS Access & Disclosure.

If you’re signed up for MyHealth Records, you can also get some of your health records through My Personal Records or MyAHS Connect.

What if I need technical support or have questions about my MyHealth Records account?
If you need support for MyHealth Records, please call the support line at 1-844-401-4016.


How can I find a family doctor who’s taking new patients?
There are a few ways to find a family doctor in Alberta. Learn more about finding a family doctor.

How do I replace my Alberta healthcare card or find out what healthcare services are covered in Alberta?
For help with questions about the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (such as what is covered, updating your information, or replacing a lost card), please go to the AHCIP webpage.

Can I use medical services in other Canadian provinces if I’m covered under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan?
To find out what medical services are covered outside of Alberta, you can:

Where can I get information about other healthcare programs and services?
To get information about healthcare programs and services in Alberta: