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About MyHealth.Alber​

Here at, you will find valuable information from a single, reliable source relevant to Albertans.

In this technical age, we often turn to the internet when we are shopping around for information, whether it’s for the purchase of an automobile, a holiday, or even the daily weather forecast. No matter what the search is for, it almost always turns up conflicting information.

The same is true when searching the internet for health information.

The vastness of the internet is what makes it valuable, but it can also be overwhelming—too many websites, each with different descriptions, preventions, treatment recommendations, each claiming to be an expert on this condition, or that disease.

  • Who we are is a Government of Alberta initiative in partnership with Alberta Health Services. The information and tools you will find on were developed in consultation with health professionals, and Albertans like you.

  • What we can do for you

    Our goal is to create a single place for you to go for health information and useful health tools—a site that is made in Alberta for Albertans. With the expansion of the internet and the countless websites available with health information, it’s hard to know which ones to trust. is making this easier.

  • What makes better for Albertans? Information you can trust

    In 2010, Alberta Health Services selected the Healthwise® Knowledgebase to provide consumer health content for

    Before the Healthwise® content was added to, we needed to make sure that it aligned with the Alberta health system. In other words, that it represented our health knowledge, practices, and expertise.

    We invited 150 Alberta health care professionals to review the Healthwise® content and share it with their colleagues. These professionals are considered health practice leaders, and representatives of Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health and the physician community. After reviewing the content, they provided us with feedback, which was either added to, or used to revise the content that you will find on this website.

    As we expand the content, tools and functionality, we will continue to seek feedback from Alberta health professionals. This will make sure that it is comprehensive, reflects current medical knowledge, and holds true to health practices in Alberta.

    The Bottom Line: content has been reviewed and updated by our own health professionals, to make sure that it reflects our health standards and practices. We are all working together to create a health site that you can trust.

  • What you’ll find on this site is an evolving site that will continue to be expanded, updated and improved. For information on future developments, Click Here.

    Currently, these are the kinds of content you can find here:

    • Health A-Z: find common health topics, topics by gender, by age and by body part, a symptom checker and other health tools.
    • Healthy Living: find information about fitness and exercise, healthy eating, healthy weight, dealing with stress, travel health, aging well, healthy kids, mental health, and sexual health.
    • Tests and Treatments Guides: find out why and how the test is done, how to prepare for it, how it feels, potential risks, results, what affects the test, and what to think about.
    • Medication Guides: find out how and how well they work, why they are used, potential side effects, and important things to keep in mind while using the medication. There is also information on the impact on children.
    • Health Services: find an Alberta health professional, services and program details and locations.
    • Health Alerts: warn you about potential health issues in Alberta, tell you about restaurant inspections, and travel health advisories (information on disease outbreaks around the world).
    • Decision Tools: these tools can help you make a decision about a treatment option (i.e. should I get an insulin pump?) and decide how you want to care for your body (i.e should I breastfeed my baby?) These tools use both facts and feelings to help you make decisions about your health.
    • Health Checkup Tools: these are personal calculators that can help you figure out how you’re doing (i.e. if you’re a healthy weight, if you’re at risk for heart attack) and make changes in your lifestyle that can improve your health and manage health conditions.

Is there something that you would like to see? Do you have a comment about something that’s already here? Please let us know what you will continue to grow and provide you with more and more of the health information and tools that you need.