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Early Concussion Education Learning Module

A Guide to Understanding Symptoms & Recovery for Adults

Welcome to the early concussion education learning module! This module is for adults who have had a concussion or people who want to know more about concussions. Remember, if you think you have a concussion, it is important to see your family doctor or other health care professional.

In this module you will find:

  • Information about concussion and how it can affect your mind and body
    • So you’ve had a concussion… what do you need to know?
  • Strategies to help with recovery:
    • Sleep
    • Pacing and Energy Conservation
    • Stress Management
  • Dealing with Symptoms
    • Post-traumatic Headaches
    • Mood
    • Balance & Dizziness (The Vestibular System)
    • Thinking Skills
    • Screen Time
  • Getting back to real life
    • Return to Activities
    • Return to Exercise
    • Return to Work and School
  • Tools
    • Tools to help you do everything you can to recover quickly and get back to the activities you need, want and love to do!
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