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Psychosocial Oncology

The Department of Psychosocial Resources, through a team of trained professionals in psychiatry, psychology and social work, help patients and their families cope with the emotional, psychological and social stresses that often surface as a result of cancer and its treatment.  The team is available to patients from the moment of diagnosis onward. 

Services include:

Individual, couple and family counselling

Coping with reactions to cancer

  • Addressing family issues
  • Confronting practical issues
  • Exploring personal issues 

Resource counselling for cancer survivors

  • three specially trained social workers called Resource counsellors help patients with their resource needs and deliver a weekly class for patients which includes infomation on how to get help for your financial and practical needs.


Cancer patients and their families.

How to access service

See below

Patients can self refer or be referred by their doctor or nurse.

Patients can call for appointment or to register for classes.

Key providers

psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers


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Located in Family Medical Building, 2202 2 Street SW SW Calgary, Alberta. 403-355-3207 (Appointments / Booking).

1331 29 Street NW NW Calgary, Alberta. 403-355-3207 (Appointments / Booking).