Asthma Action Plan: Green Zone

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An asthma action plan is a written plan of what you or your child can do to keep asthma in control and avoid an asthma attack. The green zone of the asthma action plan is where a person with asthma wants to be every day. When you're in the green zone, you:

  • Don't have any symptoms in the day or night
  • Don't have any asthma attacks
  • Don't need any rescue medicine
  • Can do your regular activities and don't miss school or work
  • Can be active
  • Can sleep without symptoms
  • If your doctor recommends a peak expiratory flow meter, keep your numbers at 85% to 100% of your personal best measurement. To find 85% of your personal best, multiply your personal best measurement by 0.85. For example, if your personal best flow is 400, then 85% of that is 400 times 0.85, which is 340.

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Current as ofDecember 6, 2017