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Youth Substance Use: Information for Parents

Has your child started asking questions about drugs and alcohol and you're not sure what to say? Are you looking for information about why young people might experiment with drugs and alcohol? Is your child using drugs and alcohol and you're not sure what to do? Visit the topics below to learn more about youth, substance use, and your role as a parent.

Talking with Children and Youth about Substance Use

Learn how to talk to your children about their feelings, listen in a helpful way, be a positive role model, and build a healthy relationship with your child.

The Stages of Change

Is your child using substances and you're not sure what to do? Understanding the process of change is an important first step in helping your child.

Understanding Youth Substance Use

Learn more about why young people start to use drugs and alcohol, what harmful use might look like, and how to start a healthy discussion with your child about their substance use.

Treatment for Youth Substance Use Problems

Learn more about the different treatment and support options available for you, your child, and your family.