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Learning About How to Teach Your Child Self-Discipline

What are some tips?

Self-discipline helps children control their own behaviour and make better choices. It also teaches your child how to handle mistakes and recover from bad choices.

Here's what you can do to encourage it.

  • Praise positive behaviour.

    For example, offer praise when your child shares their toys. Or celebrate with them when they feel happy about something they've done.

  • Be a role model.

    You can show your child how you practice self-discipline in your life. If you'd like your child to settle conflicts without fighting and shouting, share how you handled a conflict you may have had that day.

  • Stay calm.

    Your reaction can be as powerful as your child's action. So respond without anger or shock. Encourage your child to talk about what happened. This will help your child trust you and avoid hiding bad behaviour.

  • Let your child make some mistakes.

    Mistakes help children learn the effect of their decisions and actions. For example, it may be okay to let your child forget their homework now and then or not study for a test. It can be hard to let your child make a mistake or fail. But you can help them learn by asking questions like, "What didn't work this time? How can you do it differently next time?" This can show them how to do better next time.

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