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When your b​aby has a cold, their nose can get stuffed up and full of mucus.

Not only is this uncomfortable, ​but it makes it hard for them to breathe.

Because your baby can’t blow their nose, you’ll have to help them.

This is important because babies need to breathe through their nose, especially when they eat.​

This video will show you how to clean out your baby’s nose, which is also called suctioning.

You’ll learn how to use 2 simple suc​tioning tools.

They are easy to use.

The best times to suction are before feeding and before bed.

This will help your baby breathe easier when they eat and when they sleep.

Make sure you don’t suction too much and damage their nose.

You can use saline drops to help loosen the mucus in your baby’s nose before you suction.

It’s best to use drops and not spray because drops are gentler.

You can buy them over the counter.

Your baby will likely cry and move when you’re suctioning their nose.

This is normal.

Make sure your baby is in a safe space in case they try to wiggle away when you’re doing the suctioning.

It can help to swaddle them in a blanket before you start.

After you’re done, cuddle and comfort your baby.

There are many types of suction tools, but the most common are the suction bulb and a baby nasal aspirator such as the NoseFrida or Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator.

First, let’s look at the suction bulb.

Suction bulbs are available at many stores and are simple to use.

They have a tip with a small opening that you put into your baby’s nostril.

The tip is attached to a bulb that creates suction when you squeeze it.

The first step is to put some saline drops in 1 of your baby’s nostrils.

Then squeeze the bulb.

Keep squeezing the bulb and put the tip into your baby’s nostril.

Remember that babies’ nostrils are small, so don’t put it in too deeply.

Release the bulb.

Repeat these steps as needed in both nostrils to help clear the mucus.

Clean the suction bulb with hot, soapy water as soon as you’re done using it, and let it dry.

Next, let’s look at the baby nasal aspirator.

These tools use your suction to help remove the mucus from your baby’s nose.

There are 5 parts: the nasal tip, the filter cap, the disposable filter, the tube, and the mouthpiece.

To start, put the nasal aspirator together and insert a new filter.

Next, put saline drops into one of your baby’s nostrils.

Then, put the mouthpiece into your mouth, place the nasal tip around your baby’s nostril to form a seal, and suck in.

The filter makes sure that no mucus gets into your mouth.

Repeat these steps if there is still mucus blocking your baby’s nostril.

Then repeat the steps for the other nostril.

When you’re done, take the nasal aspirator apart and throw out the filter.

Clean the other parts with hot, soapy water, and let them dry.

When it’s over, give your baby some cuddles.

If they’re hungry, this is a good time for them to eat now that they can breathe through their nose.