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Driving a Car in Alberta After a Stroke

​​​​Can I drive a car after having a stroke?

If you’ve had a stroke, do not drive. You must tell Alberta Transportation, Driver Fitness and Monitoring about any health issue that may affect your driving, including that you had a stroke. It’s the law. Review the wording on the back of your driver’s license.

Will I be ever be able to drive again?

About 1 in 3 people who have a stroke can drive again. When you drive a car, you use a lot of different skills at the same time. The better you can see, think, and use your body, the more likely it is that you will return to safe driving. Being an experienced driver with a good driving history also helps.

What do I need to do to start driving again?

When you are ready to start driving again, you need to:

  • contact Alberta Transportation, Driver Fitness and Monitoring
  • ask your family doctor to fill in a Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators form and send it to Alberta Transportation

Will I need to take a driving test?

You may need to take a driving test, if your family doctor asks you to. There are 3 different tests your doctor may ask for:

  • pre-driving assessment
  • on-road evaluation
  • Alberta Class 5 road test

How will I find out if I can drive again?

Alberta Transportation will contact you to let you know if you can start driving again.

How will having had a stroke affect my car insurance?

You will need to call your insurance company to find out how having had a stroke might affect your car insurance.​

Current as of: November 8, 2018

Author: Stroke Program, Alberta Health Services